Moving Truck Packing Guide

You might not know it, but loading a moving truck is a fine art.

You need to place the items in the truck in such a way that they won't tip over, get jostled, or move while the moving truck is in motion.

Easier said than done.

Here are some tips to help you on your way.

Getting Started

Ensure the moving boxes are fully packed from top to bottom and side to side. If there's empty space in a box, it could get crushed if other items are stacked on top of it. Also, do yourself a favor and rent a dolley or two – it costs extra, but it makes moving much easier, keeping your mind clear for when you're loading the truck.

To make the move more efficient, do this before the actual load:

  • Stretch-wrap sofas and other upholstered furniture to protect it from soiling or getting punctured. The same for mattresses and other soft items.
  • Keep enough padded material around to wrap furniture, which makes it easier to load tightly in the truck.

Loading Your Truck

  • Keep open an obstacle-free route to the moving truck, and aim for a straight shot so you don't have to make many turns.
  • Have one person on the truck directing where things go while others bring items to the truck. They'll be in charge of making sure everything is loaded tightly.
  • Pack in tiers starting at the front of the truck, making sure each tier is close to the top of the moving van before starting on the base of the next one.
  • A good item for packing first is a sofa -- point the legs to the wall, and pack other items in the 'hole' of the sofa.
  • Put heavy items on the bottom of the truck, with lighter objects on top.
  • Pack items like you're doing a jigsaw puzzle. Every space needs to be filled so no items shift. Boxes can be used as filler for open spaces.
  • Disassemble some things to ensure safe transport, such as removing legs from tables, to ensure a tighter fit.
  • If you don't use the entire truck, secure the back of your shipment with loading straps or other materials to keep things from sliding backward.